Dr Michał Nedoszytko

Dr Michał Nedoszytko MD, PhD

An interventional and general cardiologist, passionate for IT and new technologies.

Graduate of  Medical University in Gdansk, Poland in 2008, PhD in cardiovascular genetics in 2013.
Specialist in Internal Diseases (2013) and Cardiology (2017).

Dr Nedoszytko’s is a certified operator in percutaneous coronary interventions with large experience in high volume university and public centers.

Currently an interventional and general cardiologist in CHR Mons (Groupe Jolimont). His primary interests are coronary artery disease and artificial intelligence.

Medicine is an art of comprehension, cognition and insight. I strive to dedicate my efforts towards  understanding and optimising treatment process healthcare. I believe in science with human being in the center. I embrace technological advances of contemporary medicine and adhere to modern recommendations to provide best physician care